GT Outreach/Extension Activities



 GT Outreach/Extension Activities 

GT- technology

The geospatial community outreach program is a project developed by the FAMU Center for Water Resources in collaboration with the FAMU Cooperative Extension Program.  Initial funding for the project was provided by a grant from the 1890 Land Grant Universities Foundation Center of Excellence for Innovative and Sustainable Small Farms, Ranches, and Forest Lands Initiative.  A primary mission of the program is to promote the use of geospatial technologies by farmers, ranchers, landowners, and natural resource managers to assist in natural resource stewardship.  The program presents workshops in web mapping, geographic information systems, GPS, and use of drones for data collection.

For more information about the program contact Dr. Katherine Milla

Training Materials From Previous Workshop:

Spatial Mapping Workshop 1  - Google My Maps Plotting Land Boundaries