Our research is tailored to match the industry high demand for new knowledge and expertise on the vinification and healthy characteristics of southern wines. We conduct fundamental research in healthy qualities of southern grapes and wines and provide training and experiential learning opportunities for students and industry clientele in grape and small fruit enological characteristics and vinification qualities.Ongoing research projects range from wine analysis and wine sanitation to understanding, characterization, and purification, of potential grape allergens; antioxidant capacities of phytochemicals in muscadine grapes; understanding the effect of grape phytochemicals in fighting obesity;  phytochemical bioavailability and efficacy in preventing chronic diseases.
 Allen Frank Humphries, Research Enologist : (850) 412-5192 I Anthony Ananga, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Food Biotechnology: (850) 412-7393 I
Jizhong Tan, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Food Processing (850) 561-2309
Violeta Tsolova, Ph.D., Professor & Director, Viticulture and Development Biology: (850) 412-7394 I