National Clean Plant (NCPN) Center for Grape

About Center

The Southeastern NCPN Regional Clean Center for Grape is serving the viticulture region of Florida and neighboring Gulf States positioned in the PD’s (Pierce’s Disease) zone of the American Southeast. The mission of our Center is to provide high quality clonally-propagated grapevines regionally adapted muscadines, and PD’s tolerant American natives hybrids free of targeted transmittable, diseases through testing, diagnosis, and therapy. 

Florida A&M University’s Center for Viticulture and Small Fruit Research is maintaining for industry use disease-free G1/G2 nuclear planting stock of single copy grapevines and 4 acres Foundation Vineyard (G2), which currently is planted with 23 economically important muscadine and Florida native hybrid varieties. 

We work closely with the programs of the NCPN, other academic institution in the region, local nurseries, Florida Viticulture Advisory Council, the Florida Grape Growers Association and Florida Department of Agriculture through research, methods development, risk management, educational workshops and field days to advance the competitiveness of the regional grape and wine industry and secure disease free planting stock for nurseries and individual growers. 




Dr. Violeta Tsolova, Professor & Program Leader, Viticulture and Developmental Biology: (850) 412-7394 I

Dr. Anthony Ananga, Assistant Professor, Food Biotechnology: (850) 412-7393 I

Dr. Islam El-Sharkawy, Assistant Professor, Breeding and Crop Production: (850) 599-8685 I