• Provide experiential learning opportunities and training to graduate, undergraduate and high school students.
  • Provide academic advisement, research mentorship and financial assistantships to graduate students.
  • Provide experiential learning and financial assistantships to undergraduate students to work with research scientists in the labs and in the field.
  • Conduct academic courses in Biotechnology and Human Sustainability.
  • Facilitate and provide academic advisement and training for the Dual Enrolment Program in Plant Biotechnology of Florida A&M University and Gadsden County School District.
  • Provide mentoring and training of high school students in STEM disciplines.


Graduate Research Assistants
Raquel McArthur
Major: M.S. in Agriculture/Plant Sciences 
Project: Identify physiological and anatomy traits associated with drought tolerance in bunch grapes
PI: Dr. Islam El-Sharkarwy

Jiovan Campbel
Major: M.S. in Agriculture/Plant Sciences
Project: Phenotypic characterization of populations of bunch and muscadine grapes developed under the FAMU Breeding Program
PI: Dr. Islam El-Sharkawy

Undergraduate Research Assistants
Papa Gueye
Major: B.S. in Agronomy 
Project: Meristematic shoot tip culture and grapevine virus free clean plant material
PI: Dr. Violeta Tsolova

Abigahill Simon
Major: B.S. in Food Science, CURS Scholar
Project: Molecular diagnostic of GLD in muscadine grapes
PI: Dr. Violeta Tsolova

Olowaseyi Salau
Major: Biological System Engineering
Project: Vinification characteristics of Florida wines
PI: Dr. Violeta Tsolova