FAMU Research & Extension Center

The FAMU Research and Extension Center (REC) is committed to excellence in education, research and extension to meet the needs of a diverse population in Florida. FAMU's largest outdoor classroom REC boasts 267 acres of forested and grazing farm land, crop land, natural areas and facilities. Conducted activities are designed to:

  • Enhance the productivity and competitiveness of small-scale agricultural enterprises.
  • Provide educational support and programs for small-scale farmers and agribusinesses, agricultural and horticultural industries, families, individuals, youth and communities. 
  • Provide experiential learning for college and K-12 students in food and agricultural sciences.
  • Teleconference Center– Equipped with video conferencing and distance learning capabilities, meeting room for indoor training activities and laboratory
  • Extension Annex - Lecture room and demonstration kitchen
  • Small-Scale Livestock Facilities - Houses small ruminant, cattle and equine
  • Animal Health Facilities - Houses the Veterinary Technology Program and community demonstration areas
  • Youth Pavilion and Outdoor Learning Laboratory-Recreation space that encourages appreciation for natural resources
  • Crop demonstration areas–Cultivated acres used to teach various agricultural techniques and technologies to include greenhouses, hoop houses and shade structures


FAMU Research and Extension Center (REC)
4259 Bainbridge Highway
Quincy, Florida 32352
(850) 412-6518
(850) 875-8558